1. What is chicago.com℠?

Chicago.com℠ offers two products @chicago.com℠ email address and dotchicago.com℠ domains. @Chicago.com℠ emails are digital branded identities that allow individuals and businesses alike to redefine, simplify and consolidate their online identities. Dotchicago.com℠ domains help individuals and businesses brand themselves in highly competitive online marketplace and also help drive SEO rankings.

2. What can I search for?

Customers can input their first name and last name to see if their first name, last name, initials, or some combination of the aforementioned is available as an @chicago.com℠ email address. Customers can also search for any phrase or keyword directly in either of the two search fields to obtain results for additional products we offer.

3. Can I use numerical or special characters in my @chicago.com℠ email address or dotchicago.com℠ domain?

Currently we allow numerals but not special characters in email addresses and domains. We may allow these sometime in the future.

4. How do I use my chicago.com℠ email address?

@Chicago.com℠ emails unlike your regular email accounts are forwarded to your existing email address. In order to use your @chicago.com℠ email, you need to associate your existing email address with your new @chicago.com℠ email account. To see instructions on how to set up aliases, click here.

5. How do I use my dotchicago.com℠ domain?

In order to use dotchicago.com℠ domains, you need supply us with an IP address that is hosted on your server. Once we have this information, we will point the domain to the hosting account, and you would be able to proceed with development of the site just like with any other domain name.

6. I am not getting my @chicago.com℠ emails. What’s wrong?

This can be caused by numerous factors. Please make sure you gave us the correct forwarding email address and if the problem still persists, contact us at support@chicago.com or call us (773)756.5066.

7. What is the difference between POP and IMAP integration?

POP is a protocol that allows users to download emails onto their devices and access email offline. POP provides one-way communication, so the actions you perform in Outlook (e.g. reading a message) will not update in your web client. IMAP is a protocol that allows uses to check their email on multiple devices, providing two-way communication so the actions performed on one device will appear on all devices. Essentially you will be able to synchronize your emails across all devices.

8. Can I use your my new @chicago℠ email address with my iPhone, iPad, etc.?

Yes, click here for instructions on how to set up your new @chicago.com℠ email on iPhone or iPad.

9. I purchased a domain name from GoDaddy.com®. Can I use that email address with my @chicago.com℠ email account?

Yes, but you will have to check that your Godaddy.com® domain name comes with an SMTP server otherwise you will not be able to respond using your @chicago.com℠ email address. You will need to sign up for either Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail SMTP email so you can send emails as yourname@chicago.com.

10. I noticed that my @chicago.com℠ email address forwards mail to my existing email. Does chicago.com℠ offer webmail access?

Chicago.com℠ realizes the popularity and effectiveness of these email providers, recognizing that most users want to integrate their @chicago.com℠ email address into their existing email address. Currently we do not offer webmail access, but if you are having problems with your integration or email deliverability, please contact us at support@chicago.com.